Veterinary Housecalls for cats and dogs by BarkCare!


“Home vet visits, without lifting a paw”

As anyone with a cat or dog knows, a trip to the vet is no walk in the park. Extreme weather conditions, stressful distances to travel, and long waits can make anyone feel Grrr-umpy. But making the trek is especially hard if your pup is elderly, sick or injured. And for the felines, spending time in a waiting room full of dogs is no cat’s meow.

BarkCare is quickly growing to be THE favorite vet among our clients.

They come to your home fully equipped to give vaccinations, diagnose problems, administer medications, even take blood and run tests for a variety of ailments. They can accomplish almost everything a brick-and-mortar vet can, without the costly overhead. Their rates are a fraction of the cost, and for ProspectBArk Clients, your first vet appointment is 50% OFF! Our clients also enjoy Priority Booking (they can generally get a vet to your door within 48 hours), and for a limited time, pups get a free box of goodies through their affiliate, BarkBox!

To claim your 50% discount, priority booking and BarkBox, sign up by using this link: [insert prospectbark affiliate link here]

BarkCare - home vet visits

You can see BarkCare’s rates here, and read their yelp reviews here. They are also offering a FREE 1st visit for rescues!

Matt and Chun-Soon use BarkCare for their furry clan, and here is a testimonial for BarkCare by one of our clients:

“My dog Bella and I has such a great experience recently with Prospect Bark and BarkCare. I contacted Prospect Bark late Thursday night about getting Bella to the vet, and Chun-Soon suggested BarkCare. Bella was not feeling well, and by the next morning, Prospect Bark had contacted BarkCare to arrange an emergency house call in the morning. Both Chun-Soon and Dr. Sarah were very communicative prior to the appointment, and when I put in my information online, Dr. Rob of BarkCare even contacted me about Bella. Given my anxiety over Bella’s condition, all the communication was very supportive and made me feel like I and Bella were in good hands.

I can’t say enough about how great Dr. Sarah was with Bella. She made Bella and I feel comfortable, and was very thorough in her examination. It was great not having to wait in a waiting room, deal with Bella’s anxiety over being in a strange office, or figure out transportation to and from the vet, and it felt much more personal than going to a vet’s office (I was able to stay with Bella the whole time, and Dr. Sarah talked me through everything). BarkCare’s fees were also very reasonable (and on top of that, 50% discount for first appointments through Prospect Bark!), and the set fee amount for the “examination and goodies” (tests, vaccinations, etc.) made me feel less like I was getting charged a lot for a normal appointment plus other fees for various tests. Dr. Sarah was able to prescribe Bella with the necessary medication, and I feel relieved knowing that Bella is feeling better, and very thankful that I have two great organizations that are there for Bella and I. I would definitely recommend BarkCare, and I think Bella has definitely found a new favorite vet!”


– Laura and Bella


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