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Working with RiversideBArk is a job unlike any other. It is not enough to just love animals, or have grown up with dogs, or to live with cats. No other job combines three separate skill-sets into such an enjoyable and financially stable job: Love for Animals, People Skills, and Technological Fluency.


Love for Animals

  • It goes without saying that you must love animals. We know all our furry charges by name, we become a part of their families. When we are with the cats and dogs, we look out for their safety and happiness above all else. We do not chat on the phone while we’re walking dogs, we don’t listen to our headphones out on the street. Nothing distracts our attention from the pups and kitties in our care.
  • You have a LOT of experience with cats and dogs. Shelter volunteer, cat TNR expert, grew up with dogs, etc. If you are someone who stops to pet all the dogs on the street, if you talk to your cat more than you care to admit, if you’ve volunteered at BARC or Animal Haven, or any of the many wonderful place where you can donate your efforts to help animals in need, this might be the job for you.

People Skills

  • Though it’s the animals we work with, it’s their people we work for. You must communicate with people very well. Professional, prompt, friendly and sincere communication is the fuel that keeps everything running. The ability to understand what our clients need is crucial. They are entrusting us with their beloved and most vulnerable family members – their pets. Hiring a dog walker or pet-sitter is an act of trust. You must be able to instill confidence in your work, and in your character.

Technological Fluency

  • We require a smartphone with internet, email and picture-text capability. You will be trained to use our proprietary software, booking emails, scheduling system and phone app.  It’s all fairly simple, and will make your route flow smoothly each day. We expect emails, phone calls and texts to be returned quickly, and we require a basic proficiency with computers, documents and the internet.

Other Requirements

  • US citizenship (or the ability to work in the US)
  • We hire employees on 12-month contracts. If you cannot commit to this position for at least one year, please do not apply
  • For full-time applicants, you must be available Mon-Fri, 10am to 6pm. For part-time applicants, Mon-Fi from 12 noon till 4pm
  • A bike or a car will increase your ability to get from client to client, and increase your earning potential
  • Physical hardiness is important. This is a physical, outdoor job which requires walking/biking for the greater part of a full day. While this job affords many of our walkers an opportunity to “get in shape” or “stay fit”, this is not a job for someone whose mobility or general health is compromised

employee bens

  Employee Benefits

  • We provide training, field support, liability insurance, bonding and affordable health benefits (most plans starting under $40 per month!) We also allow up to 20 days off per year for Full time employees.
  • If you’ve been working as an independent contractor or independent dog walker, you will find that the more difficult aspects of this career (finding new clients, handling all the paperwork of insurance, bonding, taxes, and contracts, staying on top of invoicing and bill collection) make this line of work tough. We handle all of these things, leaving you to the cats and dogs! 
  • We offer two raises, generous referral bonuses, company dinners and parties, and more. Fun!
  • If you excel in this industry and see yourself working with animals long-term, we hire and train our managers from our team of walkers, rather than from outside. RiversideBArk Field Managers have increased responsibilities, as well as increased benefits. Let us know if you think you are long-term, manager material.
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