Whether you need walks on the same schedule each week, or have a last-minute emergency — we are here for you.

Having a dog is much like having a human child – it’s a full-time gig, and what used to be your own schedule now must revolve around another creature’s physical needs. Your puppy or dog has to go out, rain or shine. Several times a day.

Want to catch a weekend matinée, go on a date, or have drinks with a colleague after work? We can make that possible.

To book additional service beyond your schedule, simply send us an email (, call or text 646-377-1575.

We need to know:

1. the service you request
2. if we don’t already have your keys, where you will leave them for us or when you can get them to us

There is NO fee for last-minute booking, but the more notice you give us the better we’ll be able to accommodate.

To CANCEL an already scheduled service, send us an email ( by midnight the night before. Same-day cancellations incur a $6 cancellation fee, and complete forgetties are billed even if no walk was required.

All service that occurs after 6:00 PM incurs a $6 PM fee, and service on saturdays/sundays incurs a $6 weekend fee.

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