Q. How will I know that my walker is arriving on time, staying the whole time I pay for, and giving my dog lots of one-on-one attention? Everyone says they do a great job, but the truth is – once I hand over my keys, I’m not there to see the walker do his job. How can I be sure?

A. This is where hiring a company (as opposed to an indy walker) buys you peace of mind. ProspectBArk’s employees are trained to respond to emails, texts and calls promptly, guard their keys with their lives, and shower their furry charges with affection (well, the last one just happens naturally… they can’t help it). To ensure that our walkers are providing the best care possible, Matt and Chun-Soon preside over all client communication and scheduling, manage billing, and check in with our clients on a regular basis to make sure that all animals in our care are spoiled and healthy. If a walker gets injured or takes a vacation to Timor, we step in to cover your pet’s needs and make sure there is no gap in service.

We conduct employee evaluations throughout the year and also offer incentives to our walkers for exemplary work. Walkers are required to be punctual, communicative and courteous at all times. To witness our high standards for yourself, check out our walker videos (footage of actual walks and sits taken by us, “from the field”).

Here’s Haile, in Crown Heights, playing fetch!

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