David Choi, Professional Pet Caretaker

"I get to spend my days enjoying critters and the wonderful people of the Bed-Stuy community."

Neighborhoods: From Downtown Manhattan to Hell's Kitchen (wow!)

About me: Hi there! My name is David and I live for your pets. I grew up in a cramped NYC apartment with my mother who struggled to raise two children by herself. As early as I can remember, having a furry companion was something I begged for constantly, but mom was pretty reluctant. For most of my childhood, I fulfilled my need to befriend animals by collecting caterpillars and earthworms and raising goldfish. When my mom finally relented and allowed us to keep our first mammalian pets, a cat we named Oreo (and later, a Yorkie named Betty), it was the happiest time of my life.

Prior to joining the RiversideBArk team, most of the jobs I held involved caring for others - from children to the elderly - so, I guess you could say I have that nurturing personality! I also considered a career in field biology after taking a course in entomology in college, but I certainly prefer spending my time with friendly canines over creepy crawlies. In fact, I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to work with your pets every day. It's a dream come true!

Favorite Dog Breed: Before I joined RiversideBArk, I was sure it was Shiba Inu, but now that I spend my day with so many amazing pups, I can't possibly choose. They all have their unique charms.

When I'm not walking dogs... I write music, train in Judo and Jujitsu, and research the stock market. These are all pretty intense hobbies, so my awesome furry friends help keep me centered and sane!

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